Super Decentralized

No registration, one-click use. BitKeep as a window for you to know the blockchain. A set of mnemonics manages all digital currencies. The data comes from the blockchain. Just backup the mnemonics and your assets will never be lost.

Most Chain Support

The world's largest digital currency wallet supporting the main chain, already supporting BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, NEO, ONT, KLAY, NULS, DOGE, YTA and other dozens of main chains and their thousands of tokens, the number is still increasing.

Easy to Use

Experience optimization on more than 40 processes makes the wallet fast and easy. As a leader in digital asset management, BitKeep is committed to lowering the industry threshold and allowing everyone to easily own their own digital currency.

Security Guarantee

Investing tens of millions of dollars, original DESM encryption algorithm, industrial-grade encryption security, can double-check to ensure the security of your digital assets, even if a hacker invades your mobile phone, you cannot steal your assets.

The World's Largest Multi-Chain Wallet

Top teams spend millions to build, multi-chain decentralized light wallet, loved by millions of uers



Multiple Wallets

A set of mnemonics can create all public chain wallets, BitKeep can also create multiple sets of mnemonics, you can manage your multiple wallets, such as multiple BTC addresses, etc., and switch anytime, anywhere.


Value Services

A variety of financial management options are available, with deposits and loans, allowing your assets to quickly roll up, thereby achieving rapid appreciation of wealth.


Payment Service

BitKeep has docked with a number of partners, and through the BitKeep payment platform, it can quickly purchase virtual or physical goods, thereby making digital currency a real payment scenario.


DApp Market

Fun global and well-known decentralized applications, security audits, waiting for you to play

One-Stop Mining Machine Service Platform

YOUMine is a one-stop mining platform owned by BitKeep. Users only need to buy a Miner and enjoy the revenue.


One-stop mine service platform, new investment trends in 2019
comprehensive income of up to 200% ~ 500%

Real miners, one-click shelves; Discount miner, limited-time buying
Second-hand miners, free trading; Daily coin collection, Monetize at any time

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Blockchain Technology Solutions

Provide enterprises with overall blockchain technology solutions, secure, convenient, and fast access

Centralized Wallet

Provide developers with a comprehensive solution for centralized wallets. Developers do not need to build blockchain nodes and wallet services by themselves, they only need a few lines of code to access, they can have their own centralized wallet services and open wallet accounts for their users. Developers only need to focus on their business logic, and the blockchain-related technologies are believe to us.

Digital Currency Exchange

The customized digital currency exchange system can be publicly and privately deployed. Customers do not need any technical team and technical background to publish their own digital exchanges. The private computer room is used to manage the assets of the exchange, and multiple security mechanisms such as hot and cold separation and offline signature are used to ensure the security of funds。

Decentralized wallet

The official public chain wallet or multi-chain wallet can be customized according to customer needs, completely decentralized, all data users are self-managed, both Android and iOS systems are supported, real-time balance and market are supported, and millions of users are supported. Original DESM encryption algorithm to protect users' own security。

Miner Management + Financial Services

It can set up one-stop miner management services for customers, including miners mall, second-hand transactions, limited time buying, daily dividends, etc. A series of financial wealth management products can be customized according to user assets, including regular wealth management, current wealth management, currency lock interest generation, currency exchange, currency lending, etc.;

About US

BitKeep, the world's largest multi-chain wallet

Established in May 2018, and obtained top-level fund MatrixPartners China tens of millions of investments with a valuation of more than 100 million


Three months on-line, users reached 90w, and reached in-depth cooperation with many well-known projects。


Entered the Korean market, launched multiple offline meetups, and established in-depth cooperation with many Korean project parties。


Self-developed aggregation exchange system, and launched internal testing, in-depth aggregation of the three major exchanges Binance, Okex, Huobi, to enable users to 'buy at the lowest price, sell at the highest'。


Supporting the KLAY public chain signifies that BitKeep has supported 20 major public chains and has become the wallet that supports the most public chains in the world. The number of users also exceeded 1.4 million。


BitKeep V4.0 is released. This time we return to the essence of the wallet. Starting from the wallet experience and security, we are committed to making the best digital wallet in the world.。